Basket Strategy: Hole 1 Lunchtime

My thoughts on playing Hole 1 at Lunchtime DCG in Portland, Oregon.

This is one of the shorter holes on the course, but also one of the most variable because of the wind, OB, and rollaway green. There is OB parking lot along the beginning of the right side and OB long left across a fence line, making for a tight early fairway. This hole usually has a strong headwind blowing up the face of the hill.

The short position is about 180ft long and roughly 20ft downhill from the tee and is located on a small peninsula overlooking a steep hill on 3 sides. Tee off with an Innova Aviar PA. Being a downhill shot, I start with a slight hyzer and let the disc flip to flat going straight down the fairway to settle gently on the small green. The parking lot OB has a curb that can easily stop discs looking to come in on a hyzer line.

The long position is about 20ft further than the short and another 20ft downhill. The basket cannot be seen from the tee. Tee off with a Discraft Buzz. Aiming low and trying to just pass the crest of the hill. Aiming too high will see the disc carried even higher by the winds. You may be tempted to throw a spike hyzer, but the rollouts on the hill will punish you. My preferred line takes me over the parking lot so that I can fade back to the basket once beyond the ridge.

flight path for hole 1 at lunchtime