A game of putts!

Today on Pioneer Park Winter course w/ mild winds. I hit the course late moving fast so as to make the corner before the teens gathered on #7 and #8 for the lunch/smoke break from the high school.

  • On #2, a Flex Shot w/ the Leopard leaves me w/ a bird shot. A second toss Hyzer w/ the Roc3 leaves me basically the same.
  • On #3 direct w/ the Buzz leaves me w/ a bird shot.
  • On #5 shot high, flat and for the wind w/ the F3 for a bird leave.
  • On #6 game me the pleasure and the pain of a turbo putt attempt.
  • On #9 low fast throw around the right of the trees w/ my Starlight Boss leaves me near the basket but behind a tree.

The takeaway is Putting matters! The upshots could have been better but I did not convert and had 6 double putts total; on the 3 bird attempts and for 3 bogies.