Breezy challenges

Medium breezes defined the morning round.

  • #1 Tossed my Buzz easy and high (not as high as wanted), the wind carried as I imagined and I was left with a big putt. I putted to conservatively for the wind and came up short.
  • #2 I put my Leopard up high and anhyzer to get carried over the creek, as it turned flat went long and landed past the basket on the sidewalk. Then the tragedy of the morn, as I turned and putted direct into the wind and floated way past the basket and ended w/ a 3 putt!
  • #4 I overplayed the wind w/ my Champion Tbird that stayed anhyzer and landed short.
  • #6 I shot my heavy Boss trying to play the wind but again overestimated it di not give it any anhyzer and ended up immediately going hyzer left in the field. My upshot was RHFH w/ overstable Tbird that did stick in the wind and went to straight. Leaving me a long putt that I missed.
  • #8 Threw my Starlight Turn high and anhyzer it was open to the wind and flew! It turned flat and sailed past the basket, the sidewalk and almost into the creek on the #2 fairway.

  • I am wondering if besides the creek being OB I should start counting sidewalks and over sidewalks or tennis court wall OB? This could effect and add challenge to 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 & 8.
  • I am almost always throwing RHBH. Today I threw a couple of forehands, I need more practice. I also have also thrown my understable DX T-bird and Wolf a few times lately trying to feel a Hyzer flex with them.

Pioneer Park winter Disc golf course map
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