Billings MT

Billings MT, Pioneer Park, Winter course map

Pioneer Park winter Disc golf course map

I provide for your viewing pleasure a Disc Golf course map for Pioneer Park Winter course map. Just the basics for all the newbies who are confused by the course having NO signage or teepads. I see a plethora of tee positions being used out there in the wild by this in the know.

I rendered the background in Google Earth then marked up w/ GIMP.

Disc Golf course map for Billings MT, Pioneer Park, Winter layout:

Winter & Summer Disc Course Maps - Pioneer Park - Billings MT

Here for your convenience are both the Winter & Summer Disc Golf Course Maps for Pioneer Park in Billings MT. I could not find the winter map via a simple Google search and the tee pads are not marked well if at all. I am linking to save you the trouble and to bring you more pleasure on the course.